Trends for 2023 – transparency

Today we will talk about the hottest trend of the season – transparency.

Starting with that transparent fabric is always associated with pronounced sexuality and provocativeness. Designers have long used thin materials for women’s clothing, emphasizing the tenderness and fragility of the wearer. That’s why tulle tops, dresses, and organza skirts have remained relevant for many seasons, but this trend is gaining momentum like never before this spring. It can be seen in the fashion shows of world-famous brands. The catwalk was overflowing with models wearing clothes made of thin transparent fabrics.


For example, in the Fendi Spring 2023 collection, we can see a luxurious combination of transparent elements and delicate pastel shades, which gives the collection a sense of weightlessness and elegance.


And the French haute couture house Lanvin impresses with an even bolder proposal. At the latest spring 2023 Ready-to-wear show, creative director Bruno Sialelli shocked the audience with such non-standard solutions as a transparent raincoat or suit and even hats made of translucent fabric, which successfully complement light feminine tulle dresses.

When implementing this trend in everyday life, we recommend combining it with items contrasting style and mood. For example, cargo pants and a transparent top will look attractive. An oversized jacket or trench coat can be an appropriate addition. Next, choose a more restrained top for a transparent skirt or pants. It can be a voluminous jumper or a jacket made of thick fabric. If this combination seems too revealing, try adding a slightly more flexible option to your look – a top or body with inserts of transparent material, like from the Vivons spring collection. This look will look relatively restrained but with a touch of spice.

For those who like bright colors, pay attention to a transparent red blouse in combination with a monochrome sconce. By giving preference to this option, which will be appropriate for an evening out, you will certainly emphasize your femininity and sexuality.

The layering technique with transparent fabrics will look stunning, so we suggest experimenting with unusual combinations. Complement your bows with laconic jewelry and accessories, balancing the provocativeness of the image.
Whichever option you choose, keeping in mind the balance when creating sets, transparent fabrics will add femininity to your look and increase the degree of sexuality.

Author of the article - Iryna Korneva


The senior stylist at Vivons

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