6 outfit ideas on how to wear cargo pants

Cargo pants are usually called those that have voluminous patch pockets. Created back in 1938 for the British military, these pants turned out to be very convenient because the pockets could hold many different small items.

Later, these trousers were also popular among working-class people, hunters, and fishermen. And today, we can see this wardrobe item on celebrities and fashion influencers. Analyzing the images from fashion shows, we can note that cargo can be combined with almost anything.

We have selected some of the most casual options for you with these pants.

With a crop top.

Despite the voluminous bottom, a cropped top will add femininity to this combination.
In cooler weather, throw on a leather trench coat or jacket.

With a corset.

Due to the mix of styles, this look will look interesting and bold. Complement this combination with pointed shoes or sandals with thin straps.

With a transparent top.

Another exciting option is a dense fabric baggage + a transparent top or blouse. The play of textures always adds depth and completeness to the image. A great addition will be metal accessories – a massive bracelet or ring. Choose shoes according to your style – sneakers and heels will be appropriate.

With a bomber jacket.

A cropped or oversized bomber jacket can be a great option to complete the look with these pants. When choosing the latter option, balance the outfit with a more fitted bottom layer of a shoulder piece.

With a jacket.

One of the most favorite combinations of fashion influencers is a cargo with an oversized jacket. Add low heels with an elongated toe, and wear a T-shirt or long sleeve over the skirt. A cap or panama hat will complete your look if you like hats.

With a romantic top.

If you have a blouse or top, try mixing it with cargo pants. A mix of different styles always looks interesting and modern.

All of these combinations can be easily incorporated into your everyday wardrobe. However, the choice always depends on your personal comfort and self-image in a particular look.

The article was written by Irina Kornieva.


Senior stylist at Vivons.

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