The monochrome trend for the spring season

With the onset of spring, everyone wants to add color to their wardrobe. Bright shades continually improve your mood and help to refresh your look.
The process of creating such bows can be fascinating. Therefore, we advise you to try it. And to make it look stylish and modern, here are some tips for creating such ensembles.
First, let’s find out what monochrome is. In Greek, Mono means one, the only one; and Chronos implies color. That is, monochrome in fashion combines things of the same color. It is worth remembering that your outfit should be in absolutely one shade.
On the contrary, we will get a much more exciting image using different shades of the same color. The main thing we advise you to pay attention to is the temperature of the selected shades. We recommend taking something of the same temperature, i.e., combine warm ones with warm ones and vice versa.
Start with an expressive shade that perfectly matches your complexion and surround it with lighter, more relaxed shades. It is also vital to remember the mix of textures. Combine glossy surfaces with matte ones, smooth ones with fleecy ones, etc. This concept will add depth and volume to the mono set.
Complement your monochrome with achromatic accessories. You can also use contrasting accessories – take dark supplements for a skimpy outfit and light accessories for a darker one. This option will create catchy accents. Shoes can match, but it is optional.
Nude shoes will also look good, emphasizing the primary color.
For those who are not afraid to experiment, we advise you to add the most trendy shoes – metallic. Just remember the balance in the look. With such shoes, choose a more straightforward and calmer base, such as a monochrome yellow or blue pantsuit.

You can complement this set with a contrasting bag. Here, the accessories will be the accent, but the main idea will still be preserved.

Complement this monochrome with makeup, matching glasses, and minimal jewelry.

Штани зі стрілками із костюмної тканини
Жакет жіночий асиметрія

Feel free to add a print to a monochrome look. Like a mix of textures, it will add depth and expressiveness to the set. When choosing a pattern, please consider its color compatibility with the primary color.
What color to choose for a total look?
Here we can get inspired by the latest collections of fashion houses.
For example, Hermes presented its latest collection of monochrome bows, which were dominated by classic, deep shades.


And in the Nina Ricci collection, on the contrary, they created mono-images in saturated, almost neon colors.

Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci
Nina Ricci

In turn, Victoria Beckham shows us delicate pastel shades.

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Be creative and experiment with this element because, with the help of such nuances, you can fascinatingly transform the image and emphasize your personality.

Author of the article - Iryna Korneva


The senior stylist at Vivons.

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