Site Visitor is a person who visited the site without the purpose of placing the Order.

User is an individual, a visitor of the Site, who accepts the terms of the agreement and who wants to place an Order on the website

Buyer is a user who has placed an Order on the website in order to purchase goods for personal use.

Vivons is a trademark owned by a natural person-entrepreneur Shuba Alyona Viktorivna.

Seller is a natural person-entrepreneur Shuba Alyona Viktorivna or another legal entity or natural person-entrepreneur, whose goods are placed in the online store.

Online Store is an Internet site located on the Internet at, which presents the Goods offered by the Seller for purchase, as well as the terms of payment and delivery of Goods to Buyers.


Goods are shoes, clothes, accessories and other goods presented for sale on the Seller’s Site.

Order is a duly executed request of the Buyer for the purchase and delivery to the address specified by the Buyer of the Goods selected on the Site.



This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) is intended to help Users / Buyers understand what information the Seller collects when the User / Buyer visits the Site, regardless of whether the person is a registered User or not.

By visiting the Site, using its services or otherwise interacting with the Seller, the User / Buyer confirms that he / she has read and understood this Privacy Policy and agrees that the Seller may collect, use, store, transmit and disclose personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

If the User / Buyer does not agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, he / she may not visit this Site, create an account or use the Site in any other way, or transfer or send personal data to this Site.



“Personal Data” in this Privacy Policy is any information that allows the Seller to identify the User / Buyer (or a third party whose personal data the User / Buyer provides to us) directly or indirectly, including any information related to the purchase Goods, or information that the User / Buyer has shared with the Seller or third parties using the Site or at points of sale.

The Seller reserves the right to conduct additional data processing in accordance with the law or in criminal or other proceedings.




2.1 Data source

The Seller collects the personal data of the User / Buyer only if the User / Buyer voluntarily provides this information, in particular, but not exclusively, through the Site, other sites that distribute the Product, shops, social networks, e-mail, text and other electronic messages.

If the User / Buyer provides the Seller with personal data of third parties (e.g. family members, other customers or potential customers), the User / Buyer must ensure that these third parties are informed of the transfer of their personal data and authorize the User / Buyer to use their personal data as described in this Privacy Policy.


2.2 Data types

The seller may collect and use different types of personal data depending on the specific purpose, in particular, but not exclusively:

– personal data, such as name, surname, gender, age / date of birth, country of origin and other personal data in accordance with applicable law;

– contact details, such as address, e-mail address, telephone number, mobile phone number, fax number (if any) and other contact details in accordance with applicable law;

– details of payment, such as payment instrument (credit card, debit card), if applicable, passport number, if necessary for reasons related to tax relations or anti-money laundering;

– information related to sales, such as date, products or services provided, place of purchase, product codes, amount, amount of sales, complaints, returns and other information related to sales in accordance with applicable law;

– data on purchases, information related to actions and initiatives to manage customer relationships, shopping habits and preferences, other information in accordance with applicable law.



Personal data may be used by the Seller depending on the specific circumstances:

– in order to comply with the requirements in the field of regulation of tax relations and relations in the field of accounting;

– to fulfill its obligations to the User / Buyer;

– to register the User on the Site, manage accounts;

– to evaluate and analyze the work of the Site;

– for the specific purposes for which the personal data was provided, in particular, but not exclusively, the processing of any complaints, statements, notifications, processing of wish lists, tracking of any question or request;

– for CRM purposes in order to offer Users / Buyers promotions, discounts and other specialized services, as well as send newsletters, other marketing and commercial notices about the Goods, conduct surveys and research.



The Seller may provide personal data of the User / Buyer to its affiliates, distributors and franchisees, including those located in other countries, and other companies that provide services on behalf of the Seller or at the direction of the Seller. The Seller provides the specified persons only those personal data that is necessary for the provision of services, and does not allow the use of this personal data for any other purposes.

The User’s / Buyer’s personal data may be transferred by the Seller to certain third-party organizations that provide services to the Seller, including those who fulfill orders, send products, process credit and debit payments.

Personal data of the User / Buyer may be transferred to third parties for monitoring and analysis of the Site, posting content on the Site, providing technical and organizational services, maintaining a customer database, providing assistance in marketing and e-mail administration, market analysis, surveys, competitions or promotions.

The Seller may disclose the personal data of the User / Buyer to third parties, when required by law in response to court decisions, requests of law enforcement and other authorities on legal grounds.

To the extent permitted by law, the Seller may transfer personal data to third parties in the event of a complaint about the use of the Site by the User / Buyer and when the Seller deems it necessary to prevent illegal activities or take measures to investigate illegal activities or when the Seller considers The Site is incompatible with the terms of the Site.

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